Hannover Fair - Partner China 2012

  • 20.10.2011

  • VOCATION # CHINA besucht regelmäßig die Hannover Messe, um in industriellen  Entwicklungen auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben. China war 2012 Partnerland, und durch konkrete Ansprache chinesischer Aussteller ergaben sich nachhaltige Kontakte.


    VOCATION # CHINA visits Hannover Fair regularly to be up to date in industrial research and development. China was partner country in 2012, and through concrete addressing of Chinese exhibitors long-term contacts could be built.


    Mongolia Management Training 2011

  • 01.09.2011

  • VOCATION # CHINA coordinated the Management Training Programme of the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (Association for International Cooperation - www.giz.de) for Mongolia in 2011.

    Twenty managers from a variety of branches were chosen for a profound business training in Germany and deepening of contacts with German companies and business partners.

    VOCATION # CHINA was part of the evaluation team, which chose the candidates directly in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. In Germany intercultural introduction and matchmaking with suitable German business partners were in focussed.

    The Mongolian contacts exist until today and did a great job in their country with the lessons learned in Germany.


    Asia-Pacific Conference 2007 in Seoul, South Korea

  • 10.10.2007

  • VOCATION # CHINA visited South Korea in 2007 to take part in the Asia-Pacific Conference.


    The Conference is the flagship event in the region for business leaders, executives and government representatives to discuss and promote economic relations between Germany and Asia. The conference was first organised in 1986 and is being held every two years in various locations in Asia. Since then, it has evolved into the largest German networking event in the region, regularly attracting hundreds of business and political leaders from both regions to meet and greet in this occasion.


    Touring China + Asia

  • 22.10.2003

  • Travelling in Asia remains one of the best parts being VOCATION # CHINA!

    In China I've seen many cities and regions of the North, Center, East Coast and South, with only the South-West missing.

    In 2003 I travelled to Malaysia and dived into Kuala Lumpur and its surroundings. One day also took me over to Singapur, strolling along the city and its famous spots.

    South Korea and Mongolia I visited for business as can be seen from the records above.

    To be continued ...